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Whole Bean Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee

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Blue Velvet:
A deep, chocolatey blend of Indian Monsooned Malabar and Ethiopia Amaro Gayo (natural) that has almost no acidity whatsoever. This is our maltiest, smoothest, most decadent coffee blend. 

Guatemala Swiss Water:
Swiss water process is the only way to achieve decaffeinated coffee without harmful chemicals. The Swiss water method uses only 100% pure water to gently remove the caffeine, yet keep this delicious Guatemalan’s distinctive origin characteristics.

Heart of Darkness: For those who love a rich, dark roast we get to the heart of it with this deep, chocolate-y roast of Brazil Cerrado Oberon, while still keeping the clean, citric notes. There is always hope. It comes in whole bean.

India Monsoon Malabar: Its name refers to both how it’s processed “monsooning,” and where it’s processed “malabar". It starts with a naturally-processed coffee bean, which is then meticulously weathered, or “monsooned,” to result in a chocolatey, woody, nutty coffee with almost no acidity. Monsooning beans began around the time of the british raj, when wooden vessels carried raw coffee to europe during the monsoon months (a 6-month journey), where the humidity of the hold and the sea winds caused the coffee to undergo.

Organic Honduras COMSA: Cafe Organico Marcala, or COMSA, was created in 2000 by 62 farmers who wanted to reform the way coffee was grown. Many of the members belong to the indigenous Lenca tribe who brought their traditional sustainable organic farming practices along with them. 

Street Legal Espresso: A modern "west coast" espresso with brighter notes from the addition of African coffees to our classic espresso blend.

The Sun Also Rises:
A perfectly balanced "sunny" blend of both washed and natural Central American beans from small high-altitude coffee farms in Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala.

Seck-Sie Blend:
Here we roast the inimitable Sumatra Ketiara Organic three ways: dark, light and medium. Each roast brings out different characteristics – from fruit and herbs to dark chocolate and rich molasses. We then mix the three together in this deliciously seck-sie blend.



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