Get Your Hamama Grow Kit!

Get Your Hamama Grow Kit!

We’re kickstarting this year with a fresh new stock of Hamama Grow Kits,
a convenient and simple way to incorporate microgreens
(aka more nutrients and flavor) into your daily routine.
Hamama Grow Kit
via Hamama
Hamama began with the idea that everyone should have the ability to grow vegetables at home, regardless of where home is for them. Co-founders, Camille and Daniel, saw a healthy future for everyone, and it all starts with their Grow Kits and Seed Quilts that can live right in your kitchen.
We’re all about healthy food and lifestyles here at Port Plums, making this by far one of our favorite products. What better way to tackle those healthy new year’s resolutions than by growing your ingredients at home and including them in every one of your meals? Your taste buds will thank you later!
Hamama Grow Kit
via Hamama
It all starts with their Starter Kit which includes a reusable grow tray, instructions, and 3 seed quilts. What happens when you go through your seed quilts? We got you covered. Come by and pick up your microgreen refills. Choose between Energizing Kale, Fragrant Fenugreek, Hearty Broccoli,
Super Salad Mix, and more.
Switching to a healthier lifestyle just got that much easier!


"I searched everywhere for a grow kit like this that would match my needs,
offer a variety of greens, and fit nicely in my kitchen. When I came across Hamama, no other kit could compare! It's been incredibly easy to incorporate these ingredients into my daily routine. Most of the options are even organic which I love. We're also working on getting the ceramic grow tray, so we're thrilled to see that in stock soon!"
-Karen, Co-owner of Port Plums

"This has been one of my favorite additions to my kitchen.
I can't remember life without it! I'm a huge advocate for growing some of my own food, so this has been an essential for me."
- Customer of Port Plums
Images via Hamama
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