Quick Summer Grilling Tips

Quick Summer Grilling Tips

It’s Grilling Season! Who is excited as we are? And we’re not talking about the same old hamburgers, hot dogs, and potato salad. There is nothing wrong with old favorites but let’s dive into something fresh and new!


In preparation, we wanted to review some safety tips and procedures to ensure an optimal grilling experience:

Grill Preparation & Safety

  • Is it in a safe spot, far enough from the house?
  • Is the drip tray clean?
  • Is your propane connection tight?
  • Scrape down any remaining residue from last year
  • Season liberally with oil
  • Keep fire proof oven mitts and a spray bottle of water nearby in case of flare-ups


Now for the good stuff…


Easy & Delicious Grilling Ideas

Brush on some oil for flavor!




Lemon EVOO


Tuscan Herb EVOO

New Potatoes

White Truffle Oil

Cherry Tomatoes

Basil EVOO


Garlic and/or Chipotle EVOO


Butter EVOO & Truffle Sea Salt

Baby Bok-Choy

Toasted Sesame Oil


Blood Orange EVOO



Marinate or glaze with balsamics* to turn up the volume on FLAVOR




Sweet Potatoes

Maple Balsamic

Skirt Steak

Green Chili Oil & Espresso Balsamic


Harissa EVOO & Pineapple Balsamic


Red Apple Balsamic


Rosemary EVOO & Traditional Balsamic


Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic

Fruit Kebabs

Chocolate Balsamic

Watermelon & Feta or Goat Cheese

Fig Balsamic

Pineapple w/ Cinnamon

Cara Cara Orange-Vanilla Balsamic


*When grilling with balsamics, be sure to apply the vinegar near the end of cooking. Otherwise, the naturally occurring sugars will burn and you’ll end up with charcoal instead of a delicious meal


Refreshing Infusions and Cocktails

For a thirst quenching and kid-friendly treat:

  • Add fresh fruit to water, and let stand overnight in the fridge
  • Freeze fruit and juice or water in an ice cube tray


For a light (not too sweet) cocktail…

  • 1oz of any fruit balsamic
  • 1oz Vodka or Gin
  • 2oz carbonated beverage (Seltzer, Perrier, Tonic, Ginger ale…)
  • Muddled or grilled fruit (optional)
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